Senior Online Sales Representative

GN Audio
Shanghai - China
Published: March 05, 2018
60% Chat/Online Customer Resolution & 40% SMB lead management
-Manage and grow all chat engagements to ensure customer has an exceptional Jabra experience
-Achieve and improve chat metrics
-Maintain in depth product knowledge to support e-commerce sales
-Meet or exceed weekly goals, including lead transfer of complex/larger opportunities
-Manage SME and Marketsource leads to completion. Includes: assigning program ID, contacting the customer, developing the opportunity, engaging the channel team.
-Support all ordering functions
-Collaborate with sales teams, product development, and channel to maximize sales efforts
-Achieve customer satisfaction metrics
-Meet or exceed weekly goals, including lead transfer of complex/larger opportunities

Qualifications and Requirements
-Solution sales and product support experience
-Experience selling & supporting customers using digital tools (ex, chat, email)
-Successful experience presenting and selling to customers over the phone.
-In-person sales experience is beneficial but not required.

Skills & Competencies -Customer Centric Focus: Ability to position incoming requests into an opportunity or sale. Involves excellent customer interaction, questions, problem solving skills
-Proficient in using CRM and Microsoft Office applications to manage sales territories and meet management reporting responsibilities
-Must possess excellent written communication skills
-Ability to capture, process and analyze data to make intelligent decisions
-Consistently meet or exceed performance metrics
-Exercise sound, independent business judgement resulting in favorable decisions that benefit your business and the company
-Resourceful and dynamic with the ability to quickly problem solve while interacting with clients, and articulate those thoughts with clarity and professionalism, both verbally and in writing.
-Manage multiple customer interactions simultaneously.
-Possess strong business and financial acumen