Supplier Quality Manager _ PCB

Shenzhen - China
Published: December 09, 2016
Customer & partners:
• All functions in GNA’s Supply Chain, Industrialization Project Managers, PQM and Life cycle management as the major Partners/customers.
• Functions in GNA’s R&D, Electronic Engineer as the major customer.
• PCB Commodity Team.
• Tier 2, PCB suppliers, and Tier 1 as main partners.

• Responsible for overall supplier quality in the PCB commodity covering the following PCB technology.
o 2-4 Layer Boards.
o 4-8 Layer HDI Boards.
o 2-4 Layer FPC Boards Coverlay/Solder Mask & Stiffener etc.
o 6-8 Layer Rigid-Flex boards, Alivh technology etc.
• Defining the general process and quality requirement for GNA’s PCB suppliers.
• Carry out audit scheme including preparing audit plan, perform audit, drafting audit report and follow up action plan for findings.
• Coordinate supplier audit to evaluate its overall competence, quality system, manufacturing process and CSR, which is a key input for supplier qualification.
• Drive supplier improvement via supplier scoring, benchmarking, audit and audit finding closure.
• Monitor supplier quality report and score their performance.
• Support failure analysis on escalated quality issue, and drive failure analysis and improvement in component supplier.
• Support component and manufacturing process qualification during new product development. Assist in defining Critical To Quality and New/Unique/Difficult component. Assist in preparing the qualification plan for both component and its manufacturing process. Review FMEA, control plan, SPC plan, and build report. Evaluate manufacturing or quality control process Coordinate Process Sign Off audit. Evaluate the IQC setup in T1 supplier. Follow up failure analysis and improvement.
• Assist the other functions in the areas of On Time Delivery improvement, cost savings, 2nd source qualification, etc.
• To be the quality representative in the related component commodity team.

Personal Competencies:
• Professional attitude and behavior, that can gain respect in organization.
• Cooperative honest and open attitude towards ”customers” and colleagues.
• Ability to cut through and give clear direction and or escalate to manager if team or individuals are unable to drive progress forward in a reasonable way, e.g. Unable to reach agreement of plan for moving forward. Keep good balance between necessary interference and avoid micro-managing of Tier 1s.
• Person that can judge when to solve issues internally and when to escalate. There is a thin line between information and escalation of problems!!
• Role model that lead by example in all internal and external activities.
• Secure daily open and clear communication internally in team and externally.
• Focused on team results by working professional with GNA teammates and Tier 1 suppliers.
• Ability to keep calm and professional when issues are ”heating up”, and pressure is applied from outside.
• Person that can balance Management and coaching/mentoring of Tier1 so they constantly are growing in their performance, and ”on their way to the next level”
• Good skills in Chinese and English language (fluent in both speaking and writing).
• Good communicator.
• Able to function effectively in organization with many interfaces internally and externally.