Shareholder communication

Shareholder communication
To make GN's communication with investors as efficient as possible all information to our shareholders is sent out electronically, including notices for general meetings. GN has a four-week silent period prior to publication of a financial report. During this period, communication with analysts, media and investors is restricted.

To receive information electronically please register your shares by name as well as register your email via the shareholder portal.

As a registered shareholder you can log on to GN’s sharholder portal to:
  • register your email
  • view your holdings of registered GN shares
  • sign up for the general meeting and/or
  • vote in advance of general meetings

GN’s shareholder portal is managed by:

Computershare A/S
Kongevejen 418
DK-2840 Holte

+45 45 46 09 99

How do I get shares registered by name?
If you wish to register your GN shares by name, please contact your custodian bank and request a registration of the shares in your name.

What do I do as an international shareholder?
International shareholders are often registered jointly in a nominee custodial account held in the name of an international custodian banker.

However, in order to exercise your voting rights easily as an international shareholder please register your name separately in GN’s register of shareholders before the general meeting is convened. To obtain a separate name registration please contact your custodian banker.