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Morten Serup
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Morten Serup
Business Development Manager
Jabra - GN Netcom 

MSc in Economics and Marketing
Business Development
Since 2010

“I appreciate the versatility and unpredictability of my job. I am in contact with many different colleagues every day”

My job
My job mainly consists of tasks within the areas of market intelligence and strategy. However, the work within in Business Development is very unpredictable and exciting as there are few routine tasks. Examples of tasks that I do are projections both within the business and consumer markets. I also work with competitor surveillance and data treatment as well as facilitate strategic deep dives in relation to corporate strategic processes. Maintaining relations to external market analysts and agencies is also an important part of this work. 

My motivation
There are three important motivational factors to me. First of all, my colleagues are very important, and I learn a lot from them every day. Second, it is very motivational to see my work being appreciated and used actively by colleagues on all levels in Jabra. Third, it is fantastic to see how the tasks that I do every day actually develop me in the career path I wish to follow.
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