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Søren Kvist
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Søren Kvist
Antenna Engineer
GN ReSound

Electrical Engineering (PhD)
R&D HWP Radio Systems
Since 2009

“My daily work gives me the possibility to push the limits of technology, and to develop a diverse set of skills”

My Job
I work with wireless communication for hearing aids, which involves the development of compact radio frequency antennas. I involved in several different projects, and thus have the opportunity to work on both cutting-edge research, as well as product development based on well-known technology.

My motivation
One of the things that I really like about my job is that it presents some very challenging tasks, and that it is up to me to figure out how to solve them. GN ReSound is the first company to offer 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity in hearing aids, and in order to keep that technological lead it is necessary to be innovative with the antenna design. This can lead to better, more efficient and smaller antennas compared to the solution that we provide to hearing impaired today.
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