GN ReSound

Helps people rediscover their hearing

The GN ReSound Group is a leading international developer and manufacturer of advanced and innovative hearing healthcare solutions. The company offers a full range of hearing aids and accessories under the ReSound, Beltone and Interton brand names. 

Through GN Otometrics, the Group also creates innovative solutions for all types of ear-related diagnostics and is the largest global supplier of computerized audiology and hearing-instrument fitting equipment. 

GN ReSound is headquartered in Ballerup, Denmark, has subsidiaries in more than 20 countries and partners in 60 more and employs 4,075 people.


Launch of ReSound LiNX™ and the corresponding Beltone First™ - the world’s first Made for iPhone hearing aids. These hearing aids provide direct sound streaming from Apple’s iPhone® , iPad® and iPod touch®. ReSound LiNX™ and Beltone First™ build on GN ReSound's third generation 2.4 GHz technology


Launch of ReSound Verso™ - the first hearing aid with both direct streaming of sound and ear-to-ear communication based on 2.4 GHz technology


Introduction of ReSound Alera™ - the first hearing aid featuring 2.4 GHz technology enabling wireless direct streaming of sound


ReSound introduces Surround Sound by ReSound™ and revolutionizes the concept of directionality - no trade-off between optimal audibility, sound quality and comfort 


Launch of be by ReSound™, the first hearing aid in the new Remote Microphone (RM) category


Acquisition of German hearing instrument manufacturer Interton


Introduction of ReSound Air™ providing top sound quality without blocking the ear canal for the very first time


GN ReSound's parent company, GN, acquires Beltone Electronics, and Beltone becomes part of the GN ReSound Group 


GN Danavox's parent company, GN, purchases all outstanding shares of ReSound, and ReSound becomes part of the GN ReSound Group


GN Danavox and ReSound form a strategic alliance, resulting in the world's first software-based digital hearing aids


Launch of the world’s first Digital Feedback Suppression (DFS) system


GN Danavox introduces the first commercially available hearing aid using digital sound processing


First to launch an amplification system that compensates for the loudness sensitivity that often accompanies hearing loss (Wide Dynamic Range Compression)


Rodney Perkins founds ReSound Corporation


GN acquires Danavox and later renames it to GN Danavox


Danavox introduces its first hearing aid


Gerd Rosenstand founds Danavox