Board of directors

Nikolai Bisgaard
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Nikolai Bisgaard
Employee elected member
Born: 1951
Nationality: Danish

Joined the board as employee representative in 2006

No. of shares in GN: 5,695

Fiduciary positions: Chairman of the Market Development Committee of EHIMA, European Hearing Instrument Manufaturers Association

Member of the board in Hearing Instruments Manufactures Patent Partnership (K/S HIMPP) 

Position: Vice President, External Relations, GN ReSound

Nikolai brings a unique set of capabilities and values to the board of GN Store Nord within R&D

Nikolai has extensive R&D experience from GN ReSound as well as leadership expertise from various assignments of increasing responsibility within the company.

Nikolai holds an M.Sc.EE from the Technical University of Denmark and has been with the company since 1978. From 1991 to 1998 he was Vice President R&D at GN ReSound. For a year, Nikolai served as VP Product Marketing & Audiology in GN ReSound before he was promoted to Sr. VP Business Development & Industry Relations. From 2001 until mid-2002 Nikolai served as President of Viennatone G.m.b.H in Austria after which he served as Head of Audiological Data System at GN Otometrics in Copenhagen. From 2006 he has been working as VP IPR at GN ReSound.