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Wolfgang Reim
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Wolfgang Reim
Born: 1956
Nationality: German

Joined the board in 2008

Chairman of the strategy committee 
Member of the audit committee

No. of shares in GN: 51,000

Fiduciary positions: Chairman of the board in Ondal Medical Systems GmbH.

Member of the boards in Elekta A/S and MedLumics S.L.

Position: Professional board member and self-employed consultant to the Medtech Industry

Wolfgang brings a unique set of capabilities and values to the board of GN Store Nord within business process reengineering, innovation management and global sourcing as well as supply chain management

Wolfgang has extensive global leadership expertise and knowledge from various leadership positions in the global healthcare industry. Wolfgang also has in depth knowledge of sales, marketing, development and business strategy as well as extensive M&A experience.

Wolfgang holds a Diploma and a PhD in Physics from ETH Zürich, Switzerland. From 1987 to 2000 he held various executive management positions at Siemens AG in Germany and in the US, including five years with the global executive team. From 2000 to 2007, Wolfgang was President and CEO at Dräger Medical AG.

Complies with the Committee on Corporate Governance’s definition of independency